Mining Land


I remember when Princess Di was alive and one of her passions was landmine removal. I remember hearing about all the mines left in Europe from World War II and how farmers are still finding them and I kinda wondered where else would all these land mines be that she was so concerned about and as tragic as all the mishaps are, I didn’t claim the issue as mine. That changed yesterday for me.

I spent my weekend on a small island that is currently claimed by Taiwan which is claimed by China. For 50 years, Kinmen was in the frontlines of battle between China and Taiwan. For about 20 years, Kinmen was bombed every odd numbered day. As part of the islands defense strategy, the beaches where filled with landmines. Martial law on the island ended in 1992 and the citizens elected a mayor and participated in Taiwan’s elections. They wanted to get rid of the landmines. So, they’ve been hiring men from places like Zimbabwe and South Africa—places were men need jobs to be able to feed their families—and they’ve hired these men to work to remove the mines. Men such as those pictured here.

God bless us all.

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