I’m steeped in media center work.

With some new testing and reading programs we’ve implemented, teachers are immediately aware of students low reading levels. Yes, there is that much discussed disconnected between reading at school and reading ‘in real life’, making one question the validity of these tests. Yet, when students have to read text books, books written at a challenging level for them where they need to apply skills and strategies to obtain information, we have to take into account those low reading levels. For me, that indicates a need to find low ability reading materials for 5th through 12 graders to support the curriculum AND for pleasure reading. What a task that has become! Need a job? I suggest you start creating informational texts at a 2nd and 3rd grade reading level for high school students! Be creative, be informative! Imbed new technologies!!

I’ve been following W.A.R. on Bowllan’s Blog. I have to put a ‘happily ever after twist on reading those posts. I just can dwell on the issue of racism. It burns too much. I continue some conversations with Zetta via email, most recently discussing what racism is like in Taiwan and Canada and Russia. I know how bad it gets in Russia, but I hadn’t realized the political leaders there refused to shake hands with the POTUS! And, the very next day after I discover this,  US leaders are saying US children should not listen the POTUS because he might indoctrinate them. We’re worried about the person we’ve elected to the highest office in the land indoctrinating our children??

You know, these are two major examples of what Pres. Obama must face on a daily basis. Imagine if he wrote for Bowllans blog, just discussing things he’s faced since he began his campaign for president, things most of us aren’t even aware of. Does this disrespect for the president of the United States make you have any reconsideration for racism??  If not, read Bowllan’s Blog. Read about the experiences of Latinos, Native Americans, Muslims,  European Americans, males and females. They’re good reads. Although racism is the topic, they don’t dwell in the darkness. Rather, they are stories of how individuals did what they wanted/needed or had to do anyway.

In school where students are meant to learn, students should listen to the speech. They should discuss it with teachers and parents to determine what the message really was. Nothing is learned by not listening, other than to put too much confidence in unsubstantiated rumors. That is the most dangerous thing we can do in a democracy.

In the 21st century, media literacy is a must and it is everyone’s job!

Final thought? Today I remember my own personal Labor Day Weekend: Evan James Campbell was born 4 September 1985.


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  1. I agree completely, Edi…imagine, telling children in your care NOT to listen to the president of their own country!!! Thanks for plugging WAR; we’re looking forward to having YOU on the site soon…and love that closing photo.

  2. Thanks, Edi! I am outraged at the demonization of our president. This is beyond racism and quite frankly, it will viewed as yet another black eye on our nation! It also comes as a shock to me. I too would love for the president to voice his experiences with racism and something tells me, this latest act would be just one of many. Imagine. Thanks, friend.

  3. Edi, I don’t understand the objections about the President talking to school children at all. It makes no sense to me. Here’s a President who actually pays attention to children and children’s needs, and they’re talking about indoctrinating? Yikes.

  4. Rachelle,
    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Urban Fiction’. This has become a very over used and mis used category of books.

    I have been collecting titles for teens of color, but I haven’t added to my 2009 page lately. If you let me know what you’re looking for, perhaps I can be a little more helpful.

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