I’m just taking a little break and thought I’d be crazy and post some of my quilts.

I made this one for my daughter when she was in middle school. I didn’t have a pattern with either of this quilts, nor a clear idea of what the finished product would look like. I just hit my creative flow and went with it.

I made this second quilt for my nephew for Christmas one year. I built the quilt around fabrics that were preprinted and meant for a fabric book. That’s not where my creative flow took me.

I’m pretty sure my daughter’s quilt is long gone, I’ll have to ask my nephew if he still has his.

8 thoughts on “BreakTime

  1. These are so cool! Isn’t it so satisfying to make something? I crochet and while I’m making a scarf, or a blanket, or hat – I think about the person it will be for as I work. Like I’m putting my positive thoughts and love in the piece as I make it. I have also collected and saved pieces of fabric so I can make a quilt for my son. I thought I would make it for when he goes to college (in five years) so I have plenty of time!

    Thanks for sharing more of yourself here Edi!


  2. Cassie: I think its important to maintain a creative outlet. I had to quite quilting when I worked on my Masters a few years ago because it brought me more stress than pleasure. I’m really thinking about getting back into it.
    Medeia: I started quilting about 25 years ago! WOW that’s a long time!!LOL I even had an exhibit at the public library once upon a time!
    Amy and Nathalie: thanks for the support!


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