iPhone + Road trips = Library Visit

I finally got an iPhone and my daughter warned me to prepare a 3-5 hour block to play with it. I have spent way too much time playing Whirly Word and Unblock Me. I forgot about the cool Map app while in NYC until Zetta reminded me it would be a great way to find Spoonbread!  I spent a little time with FaceTime and that’s all about playing: swiveling the phone, turning it upside down and showing off the blue toenails. I’m finding I like keeping the stuff I do on my ‘puter right on my puter, stuff like FB, Twitter…

Oh, I’ve downloaded my fair share of free stuff and am putting together a list of apps for education for a blog post. Polls are showing that Black and Latino students are big on phone usage, so this could be a great way to increase teaching effectiveness.

Remember that car charger with the FM tuner I mentioned yesterday? I’m using that for road trips so that I can play tunes from my phone through the radio. I got one it with the hand free device so that I can also talk on the phone while driving.  I decided to add some sparkle to my music stash by visiting the public library and checking out some CDs.  I thought there was a limit on how many CDs I could get, and there is: 60!

My loot list:


Phoebe Snow: Second Childhood (yes, the one with Poetry Man!!)

George Winston: Autumn

Josh Groban: Awake

Neil Diamond: Greatest Hits vol 2

Whitney Houston: Whitney

Sammy Davis Jr and Carmen McRae: Boy meets Girl

Willie Nelson: Lost Highway

and some books on CD:

Train to Trieste by Domnica Radulescu

Something on the Side by Carl Weber

I’ve uploaded the music, not sure about the books. I may just play them through the car’s CD player. Suggestions appreciated!

3 thoughts on “iPhone + Road trips = Library Visit

  1. This year I found myself spending hours figuring out my iPod Touch, Blackberry, and Kindle. It was time well spent, since there’s so much one can do with them.

    I look forward to your link on educational apps.


  2. I hv an Iphone 3Gs and love it. I’ve been downloading the audiobooks from SYNC YA Listening and tuning in to those while driving. I love being able to look up stuff on the fly. When we went to DC in May, I used the Maps App to find the nearest Starbucks and then used it to get walking directions. So cool!


    1. BrainLair,
      Is your school using iPods? iPads?
      I’m new to the Apple touch screens devices with my iphone, but I find them incredibly intuitive. People tried to tell me that, but I found the proof in the pudding.
      The maps app is just wonderful! Last week it got me around my hometown and I felt like I’ve never left!
      Have you found the local books app yet? It lets you find bookstores, libraries, museums and events in your area. I really like that app!
      I didn’t do well listening to my iPhone on the drive to Toledo and I’m wondering if the antennae in the iphone4 was the culprit.


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