Bamboo People: Background

I was recently speaking with an ENL teacher who referred to one of her classes as a ‘refugee class’. I thought that was, well interesting, so I questioned her further to find out exactly what that meant. It seems it meant she has a class of Burmese students who are refugees and who speak very little if any English. I did a quick web search and found that in the past year, the number of refugees in Indianapolis has risen more than 30%  with the refugees coming mainly from Burma and Iraq. The news article written this past March anticipated about another 1,100 more people to migrate to Indianapolis this year .

Why are they leaving Burma?  This article on Mitali’s blog has answers to that.

Knowing that there are people escaping the Burmese regime and heading here to this city brings more depth to my reading of Bamboo People.

Are people moving to your city seeking refuge?



5 thoughts on “Bamboo People: Background

  1. BAMBOO PEOPLE is definitely on my to-read list! I read SECRET KEEPER last month and loved it.

    I live in a small town in central Minnesota, so we are pretty homogenous around here, but southern Minnesota (Minneapolis/St. Paul in particular) has a high population of refugees and immigrants, mostly Hmong and Somali. It’s interesting to see how much more global culture has been integrated there even within the past five years.

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