Marching Womens History: Profiles in Fashion

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Profiles in Fashion: Vera Wang by Lisa Petrillo 

Morgan Reynolds Publishing, 2011


Like many young adult biographies, Vera Wang is part of a series. While the cover is meant to give the illusion of satin from one of Wang’s design, it appears as a flat, white sheet. This may distract readers who are not already familiar with Wang’s work from wanting to read this book. I’ve read several biographies about women where I learned more about the events that surrounded the subject so, consequently I approach books in non-fiction series with caution. This book truly focuses on Wang’s life beginning with the early travels of her family that introduced her to elegance to the important role her father played in her career. Vera’s story is clearly told. It’s easy to look at someone who is so successful and not realize they had to work their way to the top, as Wang humbly did. I do wish the book would give us a better idea of what it was like for an Asian American woman to rise in a sea of European men. I think seeing how she overcame such obstacles would prepare young girls of color in industries that remain male dominated. The book is printed on very poor quality paper that distracts from really nice photography work.  Until I can afford a Vera Wang creation of my own, this book will have to do!

The book is well documented with source and bibliographic information.


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