Making History

The Feminist Texan has been celebrating women’s history month with really nice giveaways. Right now, it’s Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi.

Zetta Elliott expounds on her experience as a Black feminist in publishing on Women Doing Literary Things.

KidLitCelebrates Women’s history is full of great book related posts for this month included Doret’s post full of picture books based on the lives of women of color and today’s post by Tonya Bolden which highlight her many non-fiction works on women throughout history.

And finally, this new source of information for those serving incarerated youth was posted on my INLibraries listerv.

In order to initiate a nationwide discussion, all school, public, academic, and special librarians who provide or support the provision of library services to incarcerated youth are invited to a new wiki.
The project is just beginning, its members have a ton of great ideas, and they would like you to join in the discussion!

All across America, youth are incarcerated or detained with little or no access to high-interest books or engaging programming. Research has shown that free and independent reading is the number one tool to
improve literacy. Literacy is a vital component to reducing recidivism as well as of utmost importance in a democratic society.  Appropriate library services and programs to incarcerated youth are vital to providing and improving detention based services.  Because youth come from and will return to all communities, library services to incarcerated youth is vital to all communities.

The purpose of the wiki is to share best practices in library programming and services to incarcerated youth amongst those providing those services, to share best practices with those seeking to deliver library services to incarcerated youth in their communities, and to encourage librarians in all communities to promote, support and provide outreach of the highest quality to incarcerated youth in their communities.

We are looking forward to a meeting at ALA Annual in New Orleans. We have a tentative scheduled date of Saturday, June 25th from 8-9 pm.  Please add your name to the wiki and watch for UPDATES to time, place and venue. Mark your calendars!