It’s July Again!

Shortly after I posted my July list, I saw Doret’s July list and Diversity in YA’s July list and realized I just couldn’t let my erroneous list continue. Several titles were set to be released in August back when I added them to my list.

The following is my corrected, updated and amended list. I did some extra research and added nonfiction releases. Do look at the other bloggers lists too, as they also post books which feature teens of color.

Feel free to mention additional July releases in the comments.

Dear America: I thought my soul would rise and fly  by Joyce Hansen; 1 July 2011 MG

Aung San Suu Kyi (Champion of Freedom) by Sherry O’Keefe; Morgan Reynolds Pub, Jul 6, 2011

Plessy V. Ferguson (The Civil Rights Movement) by Amos Esty; Morgan Reynolds, Jul 6, 2011

Poetry Came in Search of Me: The Story of Pablo Neruda (World Writers) by Catherine Reef; MOrgans Reynold, Jul 6, 2011

Backlash: Race Riots in the Jim Crow Era (The Civil Rights Movement) by Calvin Craig Miller; Morgan Reynolds Pub, Jul 6, 2011

Stolen girl by Yxta Maya Murray; Razorbill; July

Dreams of Significant Girls by Cristina Garcia; Simon and Schuster, 12 July

Mayhem (Mystyx #3) by Artist Arthur; Harlequin, 19  July

Silhouetted by the blue by Traci L. Jones; Farrar, Straus and Giroux, July  MG

Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. By Medeia Sharif; Flux, July

Sylvia and Aki by Winifred Conkling; Tricycle Press, July MG

Boyfriend season by Kelli London; Kensington 26 July

Putting make-up on the fat boy  by Bil Wright; Simon and Schuster, July

Vanished by Sheela Chari; Hyperion, July

Dancing home by Alma Flor Ada, Gabriel M. Zubizarreta; Simon and Schuster, 12 July MG (also released in Spanish, Nacer Bailando)