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Last week, my much awaited copy of Putting Make Up on the Fat Boy arrived.  For months, I’ve had a copy of Wright’s previous novel, When the Black Girl Sang but haven’t read it yet. It’s gotten many good reviews and I know I have to read it, sooner rather than later. It’s awkward to be such a fan of someone whose books I haven’t read yet but I have to admire the situations, themes and characters that Wright addresses in his work.

In Putting MakeUp on the Fat Boy, Carlos (yes, he’s a fat boy) wants to be a professional make-up artist

"Whether owning a drawer full of makeup or none at all, readers will root for this teen as he deals with the trials and tribulations that come with growing up." Lambda Literary

and in working toward that career goal, takes a job at a cosmetic counter at Macy’s. He’s a sixteen year, old queer boy in American who is boldly living his life and I can’t help but want to dive into this book! I’m amazed by this unique concept and cannot help but think that such originality has to lead to an incredible story. I imagine the skillful handling of this character who is living his dream, probably without fear or trepidation though I’m sure there will be several confrontations.

Wright talks a little about his new book in this interview and tells about authors who have inspired him. I don’t know if the video is going to load. Here’s  a link

 I decided to feature Mr. Wright here today and went directly to his website to get a little background information. There I found a new work being by him being featured in the New York Musical Theatre Festival this month.  Wright is the book writer, Dionne McClain-Freeney is the composer and lyricist and Devanand Janki is the director. The play is the 2010 GLADD nominated musical which although inspired by actual events is meant to celebrate the life of Sakia Gunn. In 2003, the 15 year old lesbian and her girlfriend were returning home from a night out in New York City when Sakia was brutally murdered in a vicious hate crime. The play is receiving warm reviews. 1  2

I was able to find this snippet of the play’s opening on YouTube.

Dear Sakia, may perpetual light shine on you!

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