Award Season Begins


Twitter has been filled with news of the National Book Award Finalists. I read Inside Out and Back Again on my Nook and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve not been good about reviewing the books I’ve read on the Nook and I wonder why that is. I’ve got to get better at it, especially when the stories are as mesmerizing as Inside Out and Back Again.

PaperTigers shared this link to the 184 nominees for the 2012 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The list of Nominated candidates is a very global list that is not dominated by the US. There were only six Americans on the list, among them was Walter Dean Myers. Congratulations!

All the awards for Children’s book awards are too numerous to mention here. I do know that some will be announced quite soon at the NCTE Convention in November. I used to shy away from the award hoopla, but now I find it a source of excitement about books I’ve read and enjoyed as well as about new ones I discover.

Don’t forget to nominate your favorite book for a Cybil award! 15 October is the deadline.

I cannot image what it would feel like to be an author who has finally, finally gotten a book published.  Even though it’s written for public consumption, it’s still has a strong personal attachment. And then! To be nominated for one of these awards.

I’ll can’t wait to see all the winners this year!