Thanks to a new year round calendar in my district, my fall break this year was two weeks long and the timing couldn’t have been better as it matched up perfectly with great travel deals from Travelocity. I went to Atlanta this week!

Doret found a couple of good nonfiction books

There were several people I should have called while there, but I had visions chillin’ at a coffee shop and getting lots of reading done. Even better than that plan, my daughter was off for two days and we explored Atlanta. On the one day that she did work, I met up with Doret. We had an Asian Fusion Taco lunch and hung out at the Atlanta public library. In transit, we passed Occupy Atlanta. I’ve never been searched to enter a library so, that was a bit different. I have seen homeless in libraries and am glad the service is there for them. I’d have to say the whole time I was in Atlanta, in all the various neighborhoods, I say many, many homeless people. I don’t see them in Indy and wonder why. Where are they, besides downtown?

I always expected there to be more history in Atlanta but between Sherman’s March and fires in the early 20th century, there just isn’t much left. There are some pieces still standing on Auburn Avenue and that’s where my daughter and I found ourselves. We visited the Auburn Avenue Research Library to see a local quilt exhibit and we also found an exhibit on the architecture of slave cabins. If you’re going to be in Atlanta 27-30 October, you may be interested to know the Auburn Avenue Research Library is planning a weekend with Speculative and Imaginative Fiction Writers of Color.

27 October: Worlds Out of Words: A Celebration of the Fantastical; In memory of L. A. Banks

28 October: Africans in Fantastic Fiction: From Dark Continent to Bright Country; featuring a book signing and discussion of the publication Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology with editors Milton J. Davis and Charles R. Saunders

30 October: Beyond Twilight and Harry Potter: Speculative Fiction for Young Adults of Color with L. M. Davis, Wendy Raven McNair and Ronald Agyekum

We also visited the Apex Museum, Atlanta’s only Black History Museum. One of the exhibits in the museum recreates the

Scene in the Gate City Drug Store

Gate City Drug Store, owned by Amos Moses. In the exhibit, Dr. Moses is reading a comic book on the life of Benjamin Banneker!

I did finish a couple of books which means I do have reviews to write, including one book pairing.

Getaways are nice, time with daughters even more so.

Next trip has to be my son in Portales, NM. I think Portales is Spanish for “armpit”.

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  1. Sounds like a great visit to Atlanta. Regarding the homeless, we have a lot in Santa Barbara and I think the nice weather is the key. It’s mostly warm year-round so it’s a comfortable place to be homeless (well, as comfortable as it can be, if you see what I mean)

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