‘Where’ is it!!

One of my favorite beverages these days is my homemade chai. I add warmed vanilla coffee creamer to any tea (usually Tahitian vanilla hazelnut) and I sit back and relax. I’m sipping a cup now as I write this post which should have gone up yesterday! I was so looking forward to participating in the Salute to City Reading that I’m still going to, even though I’m a day late. The day’s posts can all be found on Colleen Mondor’s blog, Chasing Ray.  BTW, Colleen also contributes to GuysLitWire where they have announced their holiday book fair and will be teaming up with Ballou High School in Washington D.C. Here’s a short story on the school.

I couldn’t believe the timing of the request for me to participate in this project because of where it takes place. Glitz is written by Philana Marie Boles. Her main character, Ann Michelle, is a pretty average high school Black girl. She attends a Catholic high school, lives with her grandmother, loves rap music and regrets that her life is so middle class. She’s a ‘wannabe’. Enter Raq, the hard core tattooed chica in whom few people see any good. But, Ann Michelle does. Ann Michelle gives into peer pressure big time, following along with all of Raq’s crazy schemes.

 And, the story works because it’s set in Toledo, Ohio. C’mon, don’t you expect a main character from Tooddle-ee-doo to be naïve? A bit slow and easy to influence?

The city’s proximity to Detroit takes our characters into a most precarious adventure.

Toledo? Yep. Toledo is my hometown and when I saw that a new, young Black author had set a book in Toledo, I had to read it. I grinned when I found that the main character attended an all girl Catholic high school, as I had as well. The streets, restaurants and stores took me back home and developed a special relationship between the book and this reader.

While books can take us places, sometimes we like them because they take us home. <sipping>

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