This past week, I’ve actually dreamt about my blog posts. I dreamt that I was discussing Cleopatra Moon with Vicky Shecter one night, on another it was about what I’ll post today. I wonder how my conscious life manages to bleed into my dreams and what I’m meant to take from it.

 Just minutes ago, I shared my one and only YA book for December on the Diversity in YA blog and then I realized I shouldn’t have done that because African American Classics: Graphic Classics vol 22   isn’t really YA. As a school librarian, the title is necessary, but it’s not a YA book. What is YA?

While a clear definition can be debated, I like the characteristics the Under the Radar bloggers on ALAN share with readers to describe the best of the best in YA. While there is that which makes YA, there is also that which makes outstanding YA. I’ll have to read the seventh edition of Literature for Today’s Young Adults to know why these characteristics have been cited by the authors as those that raise some works about others.

What I’m realizing about YA literature is that it is very much a western world/democratic society phenomenon. In giving voice to teens in such a way, these societies are spurring the development of the individual through the voice, maturing situations and changing family dynamics which leads to a sense of independent self This is very western and quite strongly American. As such YA lit is an important part of American society.

Now, this post is in no way meant to be an ad for these YA Shirts, but anything that supports RIF is a good thing! Basically, buy a t-shirt, show your support for YA and money goes to RIF!

It’s that time of year with all the ‘best of lists’. You read my blog, you know I don’t like those lists! Too little diversity there for me. I will be posting a list of the best I’ve read but I probably won’t do it until the end of my winter break so I can get more books read!

 “She’s trying to sabotage all the magic holding this island together. But that would create a catastrophe for all of Hawaii.”

“Well, that does it,” Koko huffed. “As of today, she’s off my Christmas card list.”
― Laurence YepCity of Fire





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  1. I look forward to seeing your list at the end of this month, I figure I’ll do mine in a couple weeks as well since I am hoping to sneak in a few more books. I just finished legend and thought it was alright, but not earth-shattering


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