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A couple of weeks ago, I taught a class of high school students about creating an online image for colleges and employers. We talked a little bit about Facebook. Did you know some college are requiring sports teams to designating a member of the coaching staff to monitor social networking services? While some employers are asking to be friended on FB, others are actually requesting access to accounts. This bothers me because it provides access to so much personal information, much of which is illegal for employers to request in a standard job interview. They could know as much as with whom you associate, your personal conversations with these people, religious and/or political affiliation, date of birth and sexual orientation. I like the advice I read on LinkedIn: simply ask them what they want to know about you.

Unfortunately, we live in a job market where the employer rules and too many employers are getting away with practices they wouldn’t if they didn’t feel workers so expendable. Why not just tell them ‘no, you cannot have access’? Why do we have to rely on the government who is not considering legislation to ban such practices? It seems to make more sense to me to let the open market take care of this problem and if enough potential employees are willing to say ‘no’ it would stop on its own. I just don’t think we should always rely on the government to legislate wrongs away. It makes us lazy and dependent.

Books do quite the opposite!

Book Awards continue!

The Glyph Comics Awards will be presented in May at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention in Philadelphia. The nominees can be found here.

The 24th Annual Lambda Literary Award finalists have been announced and the following are the nominees in the YA category.

Gemini Bites, by Patrick Ryan, Scholastic

Huntress, by Malinda Lo, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

I am J, by Cris Beam, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

PINK, by Lili Wilkinson, HarperCollins

Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy, by Bil Wright, Simon & Schuster

Thanks to the Pirate Tree for sharing  the 2012 Outstanding International Books List and the Google Map they’ve created which identifies each book by its setting.

The ALA’s Haiti Fund continues to build and restore libraries in Haiti. While there are numerous ways for you to donate, why not just reach for that cell phone and text “alahaiti” to 20222 to make a $10 donation? So far, the ALA has collected and distributed just over $55,000.

10 April is Library Workers Day. The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) encourages those who will celebrate the day to nominate “star” library employees for public recognition. ALA-APA will post the nominations on its NLWD website.

I’ve been reading some very interesting articles on ebooks and brain interaction recently. One discussed how we tend to retain less of what we read in ebooks than in print. I don’t remember the source of this one, but if you do please put a link in the comments!

Another from Psychology Today discusses new ways our brains need to learn to navigate space in order to access and make sense of what we’ve read.

And just now, I’m connecting those two articles to understand why we don’t retain as well from electronic sources.

my most recent iPhone apps:

PBS (I love this one because it gives me access to all PBS programming via my phone!)


Nyan Cat (my girls told me about this space cat that farts rainbows!)

RunStickManRun (my daughter told me about this one and I hate to admit that it’s a tricky one for me!)

I’ve got several book reviews to write and post, so look for me to post this weekend.




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