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Interview: Lyn Miller-Lachmann

July 20, 2015

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Lyn Miller-Lachmann’s books include Rogue, Gringolandia and Surviving Santiago, the recently released sequel to Gringolandia. Here, Tina returns to Chile, to her homeland and to her father for her summer vacation. Chile is in turmoil under the rule of Pinochet and her father spends more time fighting for justice than getting to know his daughter. While […]

Sunday Morning Reads

July 19, 2015

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On 13 June, this blog quietly celebrated its 9th birthday. It honestly doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging that long. It also seems odd that a blog would hang around that long. I suppose I should change wholeheartedly to Tumblr, but that too would be outdated in time as well. Over the next few weeks […]

Saturday Trailer: The Boy Who Carried Bricks: A True Story

July 11, 2015

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What better day for a book trailer than a Saturday? The Boy Who Carried Bricks: A True Story by Alton Carter; Roadrunner Abandoned by his father, neglected by his mother, shuttled between foster homes and a boys ranch, a young African-American man refuses to succumb to the fate that the world says should be his. […]

July Releases

July 9, 2015

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Show and Prove by Sofia Quintero; Knopf The summer of 1983 was the summer hip-hop proved its staying power. The South Bronx is steeped in Reaganomics, war in the Middle East, and the twin epidemics of crack and AIDS, but Raymond “Smiles” King and Guillermo “Nike” Vega have more immediate concerns. Smiles was supposed to […]