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book review: My life as a rhombus

August 19, 2008


My life as a rhombus                                               by: Varian Johnson Main character:  Rhonda Lee I was a bit skeptical about this one.  Not only would this book would have math as a central theme, but it is a book written by a male with a teenage female as the main character.  The book itself indicates the problem […]

Father’s Day Readings

June 18, 2017

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I thought this Father’s Day would be a nice  time to ask some of the men involved in the world of children’s literature to recommend books to fathers, particularly new fathers. I didn’t ask any of them if they are fathers themselves. I think their careers indicate a devotion to young people and makes them […]

Authors Extending Their Reach

September 28, 2014


Several YA authors of color are adding depth to their repertoire this year by writing in outside the young adult world. Charles R. Smith teams up with Marc Aronson to edit One Death, Nine Stories (Candlewick). Nine related stories from nine YA authors. Kev’s the first kid their age to die. And now, even though […]

Male Monday: Varian Johnson

July 23, 2012


 “In the midst of writing books and working full time, Varian also attended the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where he received a MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. When he’s not writing about foul-mouthed, angst-ridden teenagers, he designs bridges. If you live in Austin or Dallas, you’ve more than likely traveled over […]

Male Monday

June 13, 2011


FATHERS DAY My favorite Father’s Day tribute most certainly has to be Natalie’s series of guest posts over at Multiculturalism Rocks! ‘mI thinking about the role of parents in YA lit and I still think that in POC fiction, dads fare much better than moms. Even when the dads aren’t present, their absence can overpower […]


May 8, 2011


Good morning! For those of you who are moms, Happy Mothers Day to you! I considered listing some of my favorite YALit moms but really had a hard time coming up with any. Not everything I read is POC, but for the sake of my blog, I would list fictional moms of color. You know […]

Author Interview: Varian Johnson

March 12, 2010


TGIF!!!  After a week of standardized testing, I’m ready for the weekend! A chance to step away from the workplace and chillax. I’ve got quite a pile of books to get to that I just can’t find the stamina to read during the work week. It looks like we might have a few storms going […]

Booklist 2008/2009

January 2, 2008


Fiction 2008 Joseph by Shelia P. Moses Chess  Rumble by G. Neri;  illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson Snow falling in spring by Moying Li; Square Fish Press Death of Jayson Porter by Jaime Adoff Hot Girl by Dream Jordan Dark Dude by Oscar Hijuelos Beacon Hill High by Monique & Sherri McGee McCovey Chameleon by […]