August Releases

1 Aug Claudette Colvin Refuses to Move: Courageous Kid of the Civil Rights Movement by Ebony Joy Wilkins and Mark Simmons. Capstone Books Claudette’s court case results in overturning Alabama’s unconstitutional laws and provides greater freedom for black Americans everywhere. 4 Aug The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds. Reed.Simon & Schuster As violent protests engulf LA and the city… Read More August Releases


Children are precious. While I do not believe they are little adults, I also do not believe they are blank slates. I believe that while they have numerous gifts and talents to share with the world, that all children maintain an innocence regarding the world that surrounds them. I believe this for all children. Unfortunately,… Read More SundayEveningReads

Booklist: What Does Freedom Mean to Black Americans?

“This, for the purpose of this celebration, is the 4th of July. It is the birthday of your National Independence, and of your political freedom.”  ~Frederick Douglass Young Adult Teens are more aware of what hasn’t been taught in US History classes and are able to take more responsibility for their own learning. “What to… Read More Booklist: What Does Freedom Mean to Black Americans?