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MG Book Review: The Parker Inheritance

March 29, 2018


Title: The Parker Inheritance author: Varian Johnson date: Levine/Scholastic; 2018 main character: Candace Miller Candace Miller, a young African American girl, and her mother move into the home that once belonged to her grandmother while their own home is being renovated. Her parents have divorced and they need to prepare the house for sale. This […]

Book Reviews: The Alternative Series

December 11, 2014

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book review: The Alternatives by Patrick Jones Darby Creek/Lerner Books 2014 OutBurst Bridge Target Barrier Controlled Based upon information on his website, I can tell you that Patrick Jones is a white male, a former teen librarian turned author who is extremely passionate about reluctant teen readers, for whom he’s written over 20 books. He’s […]

Book Reviews: Non-fiction

September 4, 2014


I’ve recently read two nonfiction books that are completely unrelated in topic, location and even the time period in which they’re set yet, they’re very similar in that they’re well written books that address the intellect of young adults.   The Compassionate Warrior: abd El Kader of Algeria by Elsa Marston (Wisdom Tales, 2013) summary: […]

review: The knife and the butterfly

July 22, 2012


title: The knife and the butterfy author: Ashley Hope Perez date: 2012, Carolrhoda Lab Books main character: Martin Azael Arevalo The plot seems simple: where is Azael? He walks us through his own memories of how he got wherever he is, what his life has been like and some of his most recent memories with quite […]

book review: The whole story of half a girl

April 21, 2012


title: The whole story of half a girl author: Veera Hiranandani date:Delacorte Press; 2012 main character: Sonia Nadhamuni reading level: 4.2 Being ‘half a girl’ doesn’t matter much until Sonia has to change schools. She was accepted by everyone in her small private school, but she has to find new friends in her new school […]

book review: DJ Rising

March 23, 2012


title: D J Rising author: Love Maia date: Little Brown and Company, February 2012 main character: Marley Johnnywas Diego-Dylan aka DJ Ice   “…Try not to get into too much trouble with the ladies. Any questions? I hate questions by the way.”  “No question,” I tell him, even though I didn’t understand hardly anything he […]

review: Panther Baby A Life of Rebellion and Reinvention

March 3, 2012

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title: Panther Baby author: Jamal Joseph date: Algonquin Books; February, 2012 non-fiction/autobiography reading level: 6.0 Honestly, I didn’t want to read Panther Baby when Doret first suggested it. But since I trust her judgment of books, I read the book and I’m so glad I did! I’ve wanted to put Panther Baby into the hands of […]

review: Riot

January 21, 2012


title: Riot author: Walter Dean Myers date: Egmont; 2009 main character: Claire Johnson In developing the history of this book, Myers states that the first Africans came to America as slaves in 1619. I have to correct this statement and please know that in doing so, I’m not discrediting Myers further historic details. I have […]

book review: Bronxwood

January 16, 2012


book review: Bronxwood author: Coe Booth date: Scholastic, September 2011 main character: Tyrell Bronxwood is a sequel to Booth’s first book, Tyrell, which I haven’t read. The story seemed to make sense without having read the previous novel, however I would recommend reading it first for a clear understanding of situations. In Bronxwood, Tyrell, a […]