I’m working on an interactive learning area for the media center and decided to discuss plans with my colleague, Jackie. Isn’t it amazing what happens when colleagues talk? One thing leads to another, to another and to another! Of course we discussed what’s popular in our media centers and from there it went to keeping… Read More


What a beautiful blue Sunday! Colts blue, that is! If you need another reason to cheer the Colts on this evening, check out their commitment to literacy. Always committed to literacy is PaperTigers. They’re all about multicultural books for young people with a focus on voices in the Pacific Rim. This past week, PaperTigers kicked off… Read More SundayMorningReads

time to go Back to School

ASCD’s article on Engaging African American Males in Reading provides useful information for selecting and using literature to motivate African American males.  Instead of just selecting text that builds skills, the study highlights the importance os selecting texts that is intellectually exciting for both student and teacher. serves as a roadmap and provides apprenticeships. cognitively… Read More time to go Back to School