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book review: Marley Dias Gets It Done (and so can you!)

February 27, 2018

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Title: Marley Dias Gets it Done Author: Marley Dias Date: Scholastic; January 2018 nonfiction I hate that I couldn’t hear Marley Dias open ALAMidwinter because I would love to have had the opportunity to hear this dynamo speak. In 2015, Marley began an initiative she dubbed #1000BlackGirlbBooks because she wanted to see more books featuring […]

Writers on Writing:NonFiction/Tonya Bolden

February 3, 2016

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Nonfiction can feel  like a stepchild of children’s literature. When we look at numbers that relate how few books are written by American Indians and authors of color we’re only considering works of fiction. Sometimes there are no clear lines between these genres. Memoirs can be fiction (Brown Girl Dreaming; Woodson) or nonfiction (Becoming Maria). […]

Saturday Trailer: Dreaming in Indian

January 17, 2015

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What better day for book trailers than a Saturday? Dreaming in Indian is a non-fiction book that was released in 2014 by editors Lisa Charleyboy (Tsilhqot’in) and Mary Beth Leatherdale. Charleyboy is the Editor in Chief of Urban Native Magazine and Leatherdale writes, edits and consults on books, magazines and digital resources for children and […]

Book Reviews: Non-fiction

September 4, 2014


I’ve recently read two nonfiction books that are completely unrelated in topic, location and even the time period in which they’re set yet, they’re very similar in that they’re well written books that address the intellect of young adults.   The Compassionate Warrior: abd El Kader of Algeria by Elsa Marston (Wisdom Tales, 2013) summary: […]

GooseBottom Books: A real treat!

October 31, 2012


I’ve recently posted about the fabulous books published by Goosebottom Books that I found at JCLC. The postings included a video of their wonderful interact book, Horrible Hauntings and a review of Qutlugh Terkan Khatun of Kirman. I think it’s time to look behind the books and find out a little more about Goosebottom. I’ve reached out to […]

book review: Darkroom: a memoir in black and white

May 16, 2012

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title: Darkroom: a memoir in black and white author: Lila Quintero Weaver date: University of Alabama Press; 2012 non-fiction Darkroom is a graphic memoir of Weaver’s childhood in Alabama. It’s an unexpected story of an Argentinean family living in Alabama in the 1960s. Through Weaver’s eyes, we see how she and her family try to […]

review: Battling Malaria

December 13, 2010

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title: Battling Malaria author: Connie Goldsmith date: September, 2010; Lerner Publishing Group non-fiction   Malaria is a disease many people know about, but few realize how it impacts people of color around the globe. Did you know it is one of the top three killers worldwide? Batting Malaria provides high school students with factual information […]

MaleMonday: Truth or Dare

November 29, 2010


In all the searching for books boys will like to read, there is one fact that is often over looked: Boys prefer non-fiction. Sure, boys will read fiction. They are fans of books about adventure and monsters and murder and fantasy and yes, vampires. But given the opportunity to make their own selection, most boys […]

book review: Remember: The journey to school integration

October 29, 2009


Title: Remember: The Journey to School Inegration   Author: Toni Morrison Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004 non-fiction This nonfiction book contains many sepia toned images of Blacks and Whites, children and adults. The most certain fact is contained in the image of the New York Times front page dated 17 May 1954, the date the US Supreme […]